Updating My Home with Jane.com

Hey friends! I’m getting really tired of this cold winter weather so I’ve decided to help warm up my house I’ll update a few things for bright, happy, spring time weather. That should make this last few weeks of winter better, right?!

I’m shopping on Jane to update my home! Go check out Jane using my affiliate link: http://shrsl.com/rr79

The first thing I found were these succulents. I don’t have a green thumb. Like at all. Give me your 10 year old Peace Lily and I’ll show you how quickly I can kill it. No joke. Anyways, I found these cute succulents. They come with care instructions and say they are drought tolerant which to me translates to “you can forget to water them and they will survive.” They are only $13.99 for 4! Go get you a set using this link: http://shrsl.com/rr4s

Nothing says “happy spring” like a bright new front door mat. I have people coming over all the time to pickup their cookie orders so I want something that’s cheerful. This indoor/outdoor mat is only $24.99 today on Jane! Follow my link and see the other bright styles they have: http://shrsl.com/rr5t

Along with updating the inside of my house I’m updating my porch. I found this 48″ folding bench. It comes in a few different colors and is only $139.99 + Free Shipping. It was $299.99! Huge savings plus it will brighten my front porch. Follow the link to get one for yourself: http://shrsl.com/rr68

These 8×10 Prints are amazing. Seriously only $2.97! I plan to get a few of these to put around the house to brighten my bookcase and mantle. At such a great price it’s hard to just pick one! Follow this link to get yourself some: http://shrsl.com/rr6j

These are all affiliate links to Jane. I make a commission on their site should you use the links I provide.

I love sharing these great deals with you and I hope you enjoy seeing them. Comment below with what you found on their site that you’re buying today!

Workout Wear on Jane

I’m working on updating my workout wear (aka my Mom uniform that I wear even when I’m not working out.. shhh no one ever actually knows if I’ve been to the gym). So I’m turning to my favorite site. I love shopping for a good deal so this is the place to go.

I found these super cute workout pants. I love the detail on the side of the capri pants. Plus I love black workout pants, it’s slimming, and who doesn’t want to feel slim while working out? These are only $13.99 and were $26.99! Major steal!! They are only available for a short time so go grab them now! Link is here: http://shrsl.com/rehn

These earbuds are so pretty. I love the soft pink. They are water resistant and Bluetooth enabled so not worries about having to keep it plugged into your phone. They are $14.99 and were $74.99. Seriously, that’s a 81% savings. These are already in my cart! The link is here because they won’t last long: http://shrsl.com/reht

These rings are beautiful. I always wear my wedding rings to the gym. Am I the only woman who does this? It makes me feel more comfortable. Plus I love wearing my rings and what they symbolize for my marriage. But I’m always so afraid I might scratch them with weights. I can get these silicone stackable rings and not worry about ruining my “real” rings. Plus the color options are great! Did I mention it’s a 6 pack of rings? So many color combos, I’m getting the Women’s April Set colored ones! They are only $8.99, from 19.99. Hurry and grab a set using this link: http://shrsl.com/rf9s

Valentine‚Äôs Day Gift Ideas

This morning I’m searching for some Valentine’s Day gifts. I’ve found these over on Jane that I really like and thought you might too!

This Mint and Gold mug is seriously the cutest. It comes in Mrs. and Boss Lady. I thought the Mrs. would be so cute for the ladies getting engaged this coming month. I think I need the Boss Lady one myself! It’s only $12.99 (was $20.00) and will be available while supplies last or until the sale ends in 2 days! Here’s a link: http://shrsl.com/razj

This Cardigan is so pretty! I absolutely love the red and khaki colors. It comes in 10 colors and usually ships within 3 days so I think you’d get it for a Valentine’s date! It’s originally 48.99 but only $16.99 while supplies last or when the sale ends in 2 days! Here’s the link: http://shrsl.com/rb0f

I’m a huge stud earring fan. Maybe it’s the simplicity or the fact that I have a toddler who thinks earrings don’t belong in my ears but I think these studs are the cutest. I love the rose gold color! They’d really go with everything I own. They’re only $6.99 and we’re originally $29.99! Plus FREE SHIPPING! Go quickly while supplies last! Here’s the link: http://shrsl.com/rb1c

Jane has other great deals today as well. Go shop them using this link: http://shrsl.com/rb1k