Weekly Cookie Recap

Such a fun week for cookies!

This week I had a light week of cookie orders. I love being super busy with cookie orders but sometimes it’s nice to have a light week to help me rest up for another full week, which will be this next week!


This week I had an order for baby shower cookies. My sweet customer sent me some inspiration for what she was looking for and let me run with it. I think I now have a new favorite set! First of all, look at that sweet monogram. As a southern girl, I believe in monogramming everything and I absolutely love this circle monogram style, especially for little baby boys 😍. And then the deer antlers, I mean come on, how sweet are these?! This was such a fun set and I hope to get to make more like these soon!


These cookies were made for my high school friend’s birthday. He’s a police officer so I only felt it appropriate that he get a donut cookie to go along with a police car cookie. I love making cookies for my customers but I think I might enjoy making them as gifts for my friends even more. I get to be completely creative and pick a theme specific for them.

Dr. Seuss HatsDr. SeussRead Across America Week Cookies

The last set I did for this week is for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. These cookies are going to be given to special readers who are coming in to read during Read Across America week! I love this cookie and I think I need to do more Dr. Seuss cookies because they are so much fun! I love the tiny details that my edible marker gives to these hats.  So, if you’re in need of Dr. Seuss themed cookies, contact me so that I can get you on my calendar and we can start planning your cookie set!

This is all for this week but next week is fully loaded with some fun cookies. Be sure to check back weekly to see all I’ve been creating!

Weekly Cookie Recap

Happy Valentines Week, friends! What a wonderful week full of cookies this has been for me. My house is bursting with the smell of fresh baked cookies decorated for all kinds of wonderful events this week.. don’t y’all just love the smell (and taste!) of fresh baked cookies?!


Starting this week I had Valentine cookie pickups. I offered several different cookie sets for everyone to choose from. They made a perfect, affordable, gift for teachers and kids that everyone was sure to love!  Locals, please visit my Facebook  page to order cookies for your next holiday or special event!

This was my first year to do Valentines cookies. I began this Cookie endeavor in May of 2017 so this is all new territory for me. But with any new cookie and cookie holiday, comes a challenge, and that is exactly why I wanted to get into this craft.


Moving on, this next set was for a preschool Valentine’s Day party a few days after Valentines. I used my SweetSugarbelle heart cutter to create these. I love the sizing of these cutters. I also love the combination of these colors. They look soft and cohesive.  On these, and all of my other Valentine cookies, I used sprinkles from Sprinkled.  Remember, you can read my review on these sprinkles over on my post: Collaboration with Sprinkled + A Sprinkle Mix GIVEAWAY. And don’t forget you can use my code, Brittany20, and get 20% off!


I also did sports cookies for a sweet little boy’s birthday! He loves basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. I was so glad I could make these for him and hope he loves them as much as I do!


This mermaid set has got to be one of my favorite mermaid sets. I love all the details, especially the fin details on the mermaid tail that I achieved with my airbrush.  If you look close, you can see glitter in the name cookie. Plus who doesn’t love these beautiful mermaid colors?!


I also got to make cookies for a 30th birthday bash in Nashville!  I loved the super girly colors and Nashville inspired cowgirl boots and guitar I used.  Not to mention, the state of Tennessee turned out so cute.  I could see this cookie being perfect for other events like tailgates for UT games, great for someone moving, or even great for a graduate!

This last set was for a friend from high school. I just have to stop here just a minute and tell you how much a friend supporting your little business means. Seriously! It is the ultimate compliment to have a friend buy your cookies. Okay back to her beautiful baby shower cookies.. I love the theme and colors and think the pot of gold is perfect in pink.  The pot of gold was made from a honey pot cookie cutter, my sweet cookie friend suggested it and I think it works perfectly! Congratulations sweet friend on your sweet girl’s upcoming arrival!

That’s all for this week. Thank y’all for catching up each week for my weekly recaps.

I’d love to know where my readers are reading my posts.. leave a comment below with your state or country!

Collaboration with Sprinkled + A Sprinkle Mix GIVEAWAY

I am collaborating with Sprinkled for my Valentine’s cookies!

I was sent 3 of the most beautiful sprinkle mixes to incorporate into my cookies and, ya’ll, look at them!!  As a cookier and baker I’m easily amused by sprinkles.  They are so beautiful and it took me days to even want to open the package because I just wanted to keep them for myself.  But I’m so very glad I took the plunge and cracked these babies open.

Cookiers and bakers, I did not experience any color bleeding with these sprinkles.  They kept their colors perfectly on my royal icing as well as my butter cream.  Also, they get softer once in the icing.  They were a bit crunchy right out of the bag, but after my cookies were decorated my husband and I both tried one and sure enough the sprinkles didn’t have that hard crunch you get with some sprinkles.  Including the little gold nonpareils, so soft!

The first mix is called Love Actually.  It has the perfect mix of pink, red, and white and a few glitter heart quins mixed into it.  I used these on my Valentine’s cookies and I love how they really tied in well with the colors I had previously selected.



Love Actually

The second mix is called Wild in Love.  This is actually probably my most favorite mix.  I love all of the colors and I love that I was able to use this mix on cookies specific to little boys.  It’s a perfect blend and says “Happy Valentine’s” without the pink colors boys tend to not enjoy.  Plus I’m about 1000% sure I could use these on cookies for this coming Spring and Summer.  I think they’d be great on a Trolls themed party.. who needs cookies for this theme? Let me know because I’ve got some sprinkles for that!



Wild in Love

This last set doesn’t actually have a name.  It’s new!  And Shannon, from Sprinkled, wants my readers and followers to help name it!  To enter a name you think is best suited for this set, comment on this post, comment on my Instagram post with these sprinkles, or go to my Facebook page and comment on the post with these sprinkles.  Simply tell me what name you think fits best.  I will then narrow down the best 4 names and have a poll on my Facebook page for everyone to vote.  The winner will have these sprinkles named after their suggestion AND they will receive a bag of these sprinkles sent from Shannon.  How awesome is that?!  So please comment with your suggestions.  I will take suggestions until Monday, February 12th then post the poll on my Facebook so be sure you go and vote!



Suggest a Name for this Mix

Here’s the best part about all of this, even if you don’t win a Sprinkle Mix named after your suggestion you’re still going to get 20% off your purchase in her Etsy Shop by using my code, Brittany20.  This is a huge savings for anyone needing sprinkles, you do not have to be a baker or cookier like me to enjoy some fancy sprinkles.  Trust me.  You could use these in pancakes, on top of ice cream, not just baked goods.  Go check out her page, I promise you that you will love these as much as I do!

Check out my cupcakes I made using the sprinkle mixes.  Which mix is your favorite?  I’d love it if you’d comment below and let me know!


Weekly Cookie Recap

This week was the start of Valentines orders. I’m so excited to show y’all those next week! But back to this week, let me show you what I had!

I started this week with a 60th birthday for a hot rod owner. These were very fun and I love the bright flames with the black car. I loved using my Sweet Sugarbelle bus to make a hot rod!  I really do enjoy taking a cookie cutter and making it into a new shape.

I also had a Galentines party set I was able to create! I didn’t know what a Galentines was when I was first asked to make these. But thankfully my sweet customer explained to me that she and her friends (gals) were all getting together for pizza, drinks, and sweet treats. She asked if I could make pizza cookies to go with the theme of the night. I, of course, said yes. These pizza slices turned out so cute. I absolutely loved making them and think the toppings make them so unique.  And what’s a Valentine’s party without hearts? So I had to do a few hearts to tie it all together. I sure do hope these sweet ladies have a great Galentines tonight!

The last set I made was for us! Liam and I are going to a Valentine’s Tea Party with my niece, she’s 5 and Liam absolutely adores her. I made these little two bite hearts and detailed them with airbrushed hearts. I love how cute they turned out. Be sure to check out my next post with my Collaboration with Sprinkled + A Sprinkles Mix Giveaway to see the cupcakes I made and topped them with the most delicious sprinkles.  You’re not going to want to miss it because I’ll have a coupon code for you to use to get 20% off your sprinkle order in her etsy shop!

Weekly Cookie Recap

This week was filled with some fun cookies!

I started this week with Matilda Jane cookies. I have the sweetest customer who has me do MJ inspired cookies for the new launches. I look forward to these cookies so much! They are always so fun and I really feel like I can be as creative as I’d like. Also, if you’re in need of some MJ things let me know and I’ll pass on the trunk keeper’s contact info. I’m sure she won’t mind!

These cookies were inspired by crib bedding for this sweet baby shower. I love how the little owls turned out and the colors are so soft. And that name, Emelia Louise.. how cute is that?!


“Welcome to the ‘hood” cookies. What a sweet way to welcome new neighbors. This customer is one of the sweetest and she lets me just get super creative. I ponder this one for a while but then thought the front doors would be absolutely perfect to add the little words to. I love how these turned out.

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow! What better way to celebrate than with some delicious football cookies? I do hope these are enjoyed at a party tomorrow.

That’s all for this week’s cookie Recap. Be sure to check back weekly for my latest posts!

Here’s how I blog on Saturday mornings.. my “editor” telling me which cookie photos I should post.  Happy Saturday friends!

Cookie Recap for the Week

What a fun week of cookies!

This week I got to do cookie for a huge Parks and Rec fan! How cute are they? I think I’m really loving adding sprinkles to all my cookie sets now. Plus I love this blue!

I also got to do Curious George cookies! Y’all, seriously I’m in love with this little monkey. I’m so proud of how these turned out. I hope sweet AJ has a wonderful 2nd birthday!

The last set I did were these bright colored birthday sets. And again, sprinkles!! I love these birthday cookies. They are perfect for a birthday dinner!

That’s it for this week! Let me know which ones were your favorite!


Cookie Recap for the Week

Happy Saturday!! What a great week of cookies I got to make!

I’ll go ahead and dive right into the wonderful sets I made.

On our first snow day this week I got word that the recipient of these cookies was in labor!  I was on standby and ready to go with these.  I was so excited to use my buffalo plaid stencil and keep this set simple. I love the dark blue with the black. It looks so handsome for a new baby boy.

This next set was for a sweet baby boy’s first birthday. His momma used the same theme I used for my son’s first birthday.. fishing!! I love the waves on the #1 cookie but I think my favorite cookie has to be the wood grain on the plaque. It really makes it pop. This wood grain would be super cute for a lumberjack party too if you’re needing some ideas!

The next set is going to make your heart skip a beat. Check out the colors I made for these unicorns and rainbows. Oh how I love a soft color palate.  Check out that sweet rosie cheek.  These cookies are going to look so cute with a matching cake! If you have been following my cookies you’ll notice I do unicorns at least once a month. I am so in love with making them because the color choices for the hair are endless!

A 25th Birthday Set! Who doesn’t love ice cream cones hearts, and sprinkles? How cute are these cookies.. they are seriously the sweetest!

An Army birthday party for Owen. This set is THE set that made me take this leap of faith to create this blog. I saw it as a challenge but thought my customers and followers might enjoy seeing my cookie process as I created the world’s cutest Army man cookie (my own biased opinion). Then I made the grenade using the same wood grain Stencil I mentioned above, and then the dog tag on a camouflage background.. and then these jeeps. Seriously the Jeeps!! I am so proud of this set I could just squeal. Happy Birthday, sweet Owen! And thank you to his momma for letting me create these for him.


And last but not least, a Tinder wedding! This couple met on Tinder and wanted to commemorate for wedding favors. How cute are these?! I used the Tinder logo, the flame, and the Like button. I had to do a little research on the logo and like button. My husband and I started dating in 2007. We know very little about online dating let alone dating apps. But I think it’s absolutely amazing all of these wonderful marriages come from the Internet now. Did you and your spouse meet online? I just love hearing those types of stories!!

That’s all for this week’s cookie recap. I plan to post my cookie recaps every week I create cookies. And for those weeks I’m not baking cookies I plan to have something new, baking related to share with you!

Please leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite set was from this week! Let me know what you loved most about the set too. I’d love to hear!

Have a great weekend, friends!


Just my sweet boy inspecting all the extra cookies to see which ones he should eat first.

How I Made the Cutest Army Man Cookie using My Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifters

When I began my cookie hobby I was strictly someone who saw a cookie cutter and only saw the one image it was made to be.  Example, I have a fish cutter, all I saw was a fish.  I was very much only focused on the cutter and how it was initially created.  Over time, and several dozen cookies later I’m a changed woman!  I learned to “shape shift” from none other than Sweet Sugarbelle.  She is the creator of the Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifters cookie cutters.  Each of her cookie cutters can be shifted into 2 or more designs simply using a single cookie cutter or merging multiple cutters together.  It’s truly amazing what she has created and helped me to start thinking outside the box when it comes to my cookie creations.

This week I had an Army birthday party cookie set.  I was a little intimidated when I first took it but began getting more and more excited about the challenge.


I used this little guy when I cut out my dough.

Once my cookies were baked it was time to get started icing.. my favorite!  I started by adding a head, ears, hands, and little pants.

I let them dry overnight.  This is such an important thing I’ve learned as I have done more and more cookies.  My icing needs time to dry between the layers which is part of the reason most home cookiers cannot promise a cookie set without a week’s notice.  There is just a lot of time that goes into these beautiful works of art.

Okay, about 8 hours later I came back to these cuties and needed to add his hat, shirt, shoes, and face.

Look at how handsome he’s coming along!  Now the last step was to add more camouflage to his shirt and I was calling him complete!


Eat your heart out!  I really don’t know if I could be any more proud of these sweet cookies.  I cannot wait for my sweet customer to see these with her completed set.

Be on the lookout for the other cookies that went with this set in my weekly cookie recap post going up soon!

Let me know what you think!

This is where you can buy your own Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter set.  Just follow my Amazon link..

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